Aid & Development Asia Summit


The Objective

The Aid & Development Asia Summit 2016 looks at how collaboration and technological innovation improve health resilience and aid delivery.

Gathering all key stakeholder groups including UN and government agencies, development banks, civil societies and the private sector, the Summit provides a unique opportunity for trans-disciplinary discussions and cross-sector networking.

The Aid & Development Asia Summit agenda will focus on enabling quicker and better disaster response, ensuring more effective aid delivery and community engagement, improving humanitarian operations and logistics, and innovations for regional health and WASH programmes.

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Why Attend?

Join 250+ senior executives and advisors from Asian governments, UN agencies, development banks, NGOs, military & defence and civil society organisations and the private sector to:

Find out about the latest trends and influence the global debate on improving disaster relief and health resilience

Discover new innovations and practical solutions esp around mobile devices and WASH

Compare your approaches with peers and build long lasting partnerships

Exchange ideas and discover new business opportunities


Who Visits?

The Aid & Development Asia Summit 2016 attracts decision-makers from regional governments in South East Asia, UN and intergovernmental organizations, investors, military & defense, academic and technical institutions, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and Non-Government Organizations, community leaders, media and the private sector.

The Summit has been designed to benefit directors of development, humanitarian response, operations, programmes, infrastructure, logistics, procurement, security & safety, partnerships, financing, training, IT and technology, health, disaster resilience, climate change adaptation.

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Speakers 2016

AIDF Asia Summit 2015 partners included


  • AIDF has done a great job of gathering the right stakeholders across the world under one roof and compiling a very compelling agenda on the disaster & relief management. I think, this will give all the participants a great opportunity to discuss sustainable development solutions. We are very excited to participate in the AIDF Asia Summit 2016 for the first time.

    Ben Mathew Sales Director, Asia, Greenlight Planet
  • I think AIDF summit is very good summit and has brought together very different stakeholders across government, UN agencies, private sector & NGO’s into one platform to discuss the frontier developments in addressing disaster reduction and other sustainable development agendas. Going forward UN will come with sustainable development and what we are discussing in the meeting that AIDF has organised is how especially the Asia Pacific region and South East Asia can prepare for achieving sustainable development goals that the UN will be bringing in September.

    Dr. Shamika Sirimanne Director of Information and Communications Technology and Disaster Risk Reduction Division, UN ESCAP
  • The AIDF summit has been so far fantastic and it has been held in a superb environment. The UNCC is a superb location with all the facilities required. It is ideally located and assessable for all the UN staff and the associated NGO’s. As a company we have met loads of influential key people within the market sector that we work in, so in so many aspects it has been fantastic.

    Shaun Ellis Regional Manager and Technical Consultant, HESCO

Interview with Josh Woodard, FHI 360

Interview with Luc Provost, B Medical Systems

Interview with Hans van Rijn, Asian Development Bank

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